Laurenz Czempiel I Managing Partner

Get portfolio analyses with LeanVal. Whether you need a clear overview of your overall portfolio or detailed statistics on specific securities, our customized portfolio analyses offer you a comprehensive insight.

Our services

  • Graphical overview and complex performance attributions:
    LeanVal not only presents you with average dividend yields, but also the development of the entire portfolio and complex performance attributions in a clear graphical display. These visual analyses allow you to quickly and effectively gain insights into the performance of your portfolio.
  • Consolidated data and detailed information on securities:
    We provide consolidated data on your portfolio, including key figures such as P/B, ROE and growth factors. You also receive detailed information for each individual security, including average annual returns and fair values. These comprehensive insights help you to make informed decisions about your portfolio.
  • Stress tests, simulations and optimization procedures:
    LeanVal goes one step further and calculates stress tests and simulations for portfolio reallocations for you. With the help of modern optimization methods, we offer you advice on risk reduction and make reallocation proposals that significantly improve the risk/return ratio. Our aim is to support you in optimally structuring your portfolio while minimizing potential risks.