Laurenz Czempiel I Managing Partner

Explore new dimensions in investment management with our ground-breaking portfolio strategies based on an innovative valuation methodology. Our company offers a wide range of strategic approaches to meet your individual requirements. Discover the future of investment management with us and benefit from portfolio strategies based on innovation, diversity and customization.

Our services

  • Diversity of portfolio strategies:
    Our modular LeanVal Smart Beta strategies provide you with portfolios that are suitable for your investment objectives and reflect a specific strategy or style. In “style investing” of equity portfolios, we select stocks on the basis of certain characteristics such as balance sheet ratios so that the portfolio constructed with these stocks has a superior risk/return ratio to the market (equity index). In the European equity sector, we advise you with our original 5-factor model.
  • LeanVal and Guru strategies:
    In addition to proven Guru strategies, our range also includes the innovative LeanVal strategies. LeanVal stands for an efficient and lean valuation approach that enables value potential to be identified and optimally utilized. Whether you are inspired by established strategies or prefer a more modern approach, we offer you the tools to achieve your investment goals.
  • Customized investment solutions:
    We understand that every investor is unique. We therefore not only offer ready-made strategies, but also enable you to implement your individual investment ideas. Our platform allows you to develop and implement customized portfolio strategies to ensure an optimal fit for your specific requirements.